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    How to get started trading crypto. How to buy crypto?

    Get started with crypto trading in 3 simple steps


    Create an account

    Press register button if you don't have an account yet. You need your email and the password. After receiving the authorization link just press it and follow the instructions.


    Pass KYC

    Please visit the account profile section and provide relevant documents to confirm your identity and your address. Verification process: 3-5 working days for the KYC team review the submited documents.


    Start Trading

    KYC officer will review and approve/reject your application. If will receive a aproved or rejected notification to your email. Aproved customers can trade upon recieval of the notofication.

    What our clients say

    "No useless assets"

    I am new to Moneta Digitec. I have interacted with quite a handful of centralized exchanges, and to be honest, Moneta has its advantages. You know for sure they do not list useless assets.

    John Degweet

    "Cannot go wrong with it"

    Moneta's KYC is straightforward. The first thing I love about them is that you follow the procedure, and you cannot go wrong with it. Depositing and withdrawing STB is quick and easy. Withdrawing and depositing crypto has always been a flawless experience as well.

    Mike Darren

    “Big on security”

    Their website has some issues with keeping me logged in sometimes, but signing back in is simple. They are also big on security. I always keep my 2FA activated and whitelist IP.

    Lous Milton

    A simple, secure way to buy and sell cryptocurrency

    Moneta Digitec has everything you need to buy, sell, and trade crypto. An intuitive experience from the start.